“LINC Literacy Project – An Investigation of Best Practices and Resources in the Instruction and Assessment of LINC Literacy Learners in Ontario”
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This study was initiated by Citizenship and Immigration Canada as a result of the increasing number of newcomers arriving with literacy needs and the resulting increasing demands placed on those responsible for meeting those needs through the delivery of the LINC program (Language Instruction to Newcomers in Canada).


  • To document best practices and recommendations in the instruction of literacy students from teachers, coordinators and assessors who deliver the LINC program
  • Provide guidance to Citizenship and Immigration Canada and the Ontario Region LINC Advisory Committee on how to improve the overall program to better meet the needs of literacy learners in Ontario


This comprehensive research investigated available literacy sites, observed classes and interviewed students, teachers, coordinators and assessors to record best practices and recommendations so that all LINC service providers could share in the findings.