“Reception Centre Counsellor Certification Project”
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Jangles Productions conducted a certification process of Counsellors at all Reception Centres in Ontario for Citizenship and Immigration Canada in an effort to standardize orientation delivery given to newcomers. This certification was carried out following the development and training of a new Orientation Manual.

  • Standardize orientations given to newcomers at all Reception Centres
  • Provide Counsellors recommendations on how to enhance their facilitation skills
  • Integrate adult learning techniques and best practices into the orientation
  • Assess the Counsellor’s ability to integrate the new resources

All Counsellors were sent information packages outlining the purpose and objectives of the certification process as well as being provided preparation guidelines. Counsellors then prepared and sent lesson plans to Jangles Productions for review. The project team travelled to Reception Centres to observe orientations. Immediately following the orientation session, the team debriefed the Counsellor, Assessor, CIC representative and Manager. A certification report was completed by Jangles Productions and sent to CIC.